• Why does my candle have an uneven surface and small cracks on the surface?

    For our candles we use coconut and rapeseed wax which has no preservatives or artificial additives. With this wax, it is very difficult to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, but that does not affect the performance of the candle.

  • Why is my candle sweating?

    When exposed to temperature fluctuations, moving from cooler temperatures to warmer ones, and when pure natural wax is used, the oils in the candle may rise to the surface, in the form of small droplets. This does not affect the performance of the candle and once the candle is lit, the oils blend right back into to the wax.

  • Why does my candle have a bumpy top after burning?

    With vegetable waxes this is perfectly normal. They can have surface pits and blemishes. If the rate of cooling is inconsistent, the candle top might appear bumpy and rough after drying. This is a byproduct of natural wax and it does not affect the performance of the candle.

  • Why does my candle have a mushroom on the wick after burning?

     When you burn a highly-scented candle, sometimes your candle may develop a “fragrance mushroom”, which is a carbon buildup on the wick. When you blow your candle out, let it reset. Once it’s cooled down, you can use a wick cutter or small pair of scissors to just nip that little mushroom top off. It’s important to get rid of mushroom tops because sometimes these little black tops can make the wax heat up quicker than it should do.

  • How long is it safe for my candle to burn?

    It is recommend that a candle, regardless of its size, should not be lit for any longer that 4 hours at a time.


  • From what amount do I not pay delivery costs?

    With an order above € 50, delivery is free.

  • Is it possible to send my order to another address?

    Yes, it is possible to specify a different address upon checkout. If you want to add a handwritten note, please contact us via the contact form.

  • What if my candle was damaged during shipping?

    If your candle is damaged during shipping, please contact us as soon as possible via the contact form.